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Liv Bigtree

Turtle Clan - Onyota'a:ka (Oneida)

Liv Watyana'li:yo Bigtree, Turtle Clan is Onyota'a:ka (Oneida) and lives in Skóhare. She grew up in the Onondaga Reserve where she was raised by predominantly strong Onkwehonwe women. Having a background in visual art, she finished her first year of art school at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2021. Over the course of her high school career, she received numerous honors and titles, both nationally and regionally for her art. Her willingness to be open to guidance and her authenticity has taken her path away from colonial life. Decolonization, healing, and spirituality are all included in her personal work and what she intends to bring to Skóhare.

My Story

Liv Bigtree, 20, was raised in the Onondaga Nation. A multidimensional artist, she has a diverse background in visual arts. Now residing in Mohawk Valley, she looks forward to contributing to the Kanien'kehá:ka Return to Ancestral Homelands Movement, where she believes her people will prosper. Passionate about her spirituality and growth, she is excited to be joining the WaterfallUnityAlliance team!


Please get in touch if you have any inquiries, interview opportunities or would like to volunteer for the WUA.

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