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Happy Full Moon - She:kon from the ancestral homelands of the Kanien'kehá:ka (People of the Flint)

Happy full moon from the Waterfall Unity Alliance. Grandmother Moon is guiding us to lean into truths of all vibrations, feeling into those that serve us. As her energy is heightened, our timelines can feel chaotic as shifts in frequencies occur. Through conflict, introspection, and inner work we are gifted the opportunity to grow. We encourage all of humanity to take the steps necessary to lean into what comes up during heightened energetic times. This full moon, we have much to share and shed light on in regards to the teachings of this past year.

This #GivingTuesday we are calling for donations to ensure that we can continue to walk our pathway to sovereignty. Fueled by full moon energy, we are celebrating all that this first year has brought us at Iotsi’tsíson (Skywoman’s) Forever Farm. In doing so, we ask our supporters to take a moment to donate to our non-profit organization. $140,000 is needed to establish our Kanien’kehá:ka language and cultural immersion program and for our new farm manager! Farm equipment and learning supplies are also needed as we begin to grow our programs and community responsibilities.  

We are celebrating the arrival of a Kanien’kehá:ka elder as she establishes our language and cultural immersion program and takes on the responsibility of ensuring our language and teachings get passed onto future generations. She will be our teacher at the farm, guiding our children with land-based teachings, all spoken in Kanienkeha.  

…And we are excited to welcome a Kanien’kehá:ka farm manager who is coming to us from Ganienkeh to be a guide, ensuring the abundance of the land is well-nurtured.

"The wisdom of the Onkwehónwe people around the world reflects a unity consciousness rooted in respect for our Mother Earth, each other, and all living beings. We recognize ourselves as part of creation. The movement to reclaim our ancestral lands signifies a return to our true selves, a call to action.


During these times, it is crucial for all Onkwehónwe people to return to their original homelands and waters, reconnecting with our mother and revitalizing the bloodlines of our ancestors. As we strive to restore peace within our mother's being, we will once again reunite as one.


We humbly ask for your continued support as we reclaim our original instructions as Onkwehónwe people on our ancestral lands." ~Kawenniiosta Jock

Niawenko:wa (a grand thank you) to all our supporters who are making our ability to move forward in our pathways a reality. Your financial support actively contributes to the unfolding vision, allowing us to ensure that our individual and collective original instructions are fulfilled. Each donation made exemplifies allyship & support, creating healing within lineages.

As we approach the Winter Solstice and end of this year, the universe will continue to provide encouragement in the form of transformational frequencies. Winter teaches us to look within ourselves and slow down, diving into the work that needs to be done as individuals and therefore, a collective. As we continue to walk our pathways as an alliance, we look forward to sharing with you exciting reflections and opportunities to connect that are approaching. 


For those that may have missed our words celebrating 1 year at Iotsi’tsíson (Skywoman’s) Forever Farm, visit the link below to view. This first year at the farm has been pure magic. Our first couple weeks walking into our second year have been celebratory. Nia:wen for hearing us.

We hope this newsletter inspired you. As always, the Waterfall Unity Alliance says nia:wen for your support. Stay connected via our Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube


Oneh (Until we meet again)

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