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AUG 2, 3 & 4

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2024 Waterfall Unity Festival which will take place this year at Iotsi'tsíson (Skywoman's) Forever Farm on the ancestral homelands of the Kanien'kehá:ka (People of the Flint).

We are currently in the process of securing artists, vendors, and volunteers for this years event.  To see available opportunities about how you can get involved please keep an eye on this page as we continue to update it as planning progresses.  We look forward to bringing this event to you and welcoming you to Iotsi'tsíson (Skywoman's) Forever Farm!

Ways To Get Involved

Visual Artists

We are currently working on fundraising opportunities for the festival to be able to help support performing artists, infrastructure, permits and materials needed to put on a beautiful festival weekend.

If you are a visual artist who is interested in helping with these efforts, we will be hosting an online auction of art and crafts from talented Onkwehónwe (Original People) to help raise funds for the festival.  We hope through this effort, to also collaborate on ways to help elevate your work through our festival promotions. 

If you are interested in donating work to help this vision manifest, please fill out the form by clicking the link on the left.  Upon receipt we will reach out to connect with you to learn more about your work, and how we can work together. 

Performing Artists & Teachers

We are currently opening the call to Performing Artists and Teachers who would like to perform at this year's festival, or offer a workshop during the festival.  

Please fill out the form by clicking the link on the left.  Upon receipt, we will reach out to you to learn more about your work, your set and needs for the festival.


We are currently looking for vendors who would be interested in setting up a table/tent at the festival to sell their handcrafted goods.  

Please click the link to the left to learn more and fill out the form if you are interested in being part of this years festival!


Click HERE to Volunteer!

Interested in volunteering during the festival? We will be looking for volunteers to help throughout the weekend - whether you can commit a few hours or the whole weekend  - your help is much appreciated and vital towards ensuring the event is a success.

Please use out Volunteer form to let us know how and when you are able to assist us at this year's festival.  Please click the link to the left, and let us know! Nia:wen!

Highlights From 2023 WUA Festival

Our second annual benefit concert was a beautiful gathering in which friendships were formed and rekindled.


We had a beautiful lineup of artists whose presence helped to co-create a flow of joy and dance. The Waterfall Unity Alliance had the honor of working with Kanien’kehá:ka (People of the Flint) women artists who shared their unique gifts in their ancestral homelands. Semiah Smith (accompanied by Maggie Powless-Lynes on keys), Kahsenniyo Williams, Mercedes Terrance, and Theresa Bear Fox embodied the love and empowerment within their bloodlines with their remarkable voices, actively rematriating the land.

Onkwehonwe (Original Beings) artists from our confederacy helped to raise the vibration with our traditional songs. Members of The Onondaga Women’s Singing Society (Wayva Lyons Waterman and daughter, Liv Bigtree, Summer Rinaldi, Helen Shenandoah, Ina Mae Lyons, and Danielle Smith) set the tone for the festival by opening the concert with Esganye (Women’s Dance Songs). Tuscarora cultural teacher, singer, and dancer Randy Greene sang some of our traditional Onkwehonwe social dance songs on night 2 of the festival. Lloyd Elm (Onondaga) & Elizabeth Elm shared some traditional songs along with songs to bring joy. To close out, singers from across our confederacy gathered to put on a social dance in which we all raised our vibrations and connected with the land at Iosti’tsison (Skywoman) Forever Farm.

We had a total of 33 artists join us for the duration of the festival who all came together to share their gifts and passion in the ancestral homelands of the Kanien’kehá:ka. We had a significant amount of allies join us to share their talents and light. Colin Carew joined us not only as an ally artist, but as a remarkable volunteer who shared the stage with fellow volunteers providing percussion. Keith Secola uplifted the spirits of us all through his presence. Throughout his time here, he jammed out and connected with many artists, including Kanien’kehá:ka artists Atsiaktonkie David & “Tear Bear” of December Wind. Niawenko:wa to all the beautiful beings who came together to celebrate and honor the Kanien’kehá:ka in their return to ancestral homelands.

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