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A Note Of Gratitude

Greetings and much appreciation to all of you from us at Iotsi’tsison Skywoman’s Forever Farm. It has taken considerable time to find the right words to fully convey our gratitude for your unwavering support in our vital endeavors here on our ancestral homelands. As visionaries, the guidance and messages from our ancestors have never been as lucid or profound as they are since our arrival. This clarity extends not only to the physical realm but also encompasses the spiritual dimensions of our shared existence. Being present in our natural habitat has fostered an unparalleled sense of rootedness and connection. We employ the term "habitat" because we are intrinsically intertwined with the land and the water.

Unfortunately, the outside world has gradually eroded this belief among many of our people, severing their connection to their innate environment. Presently, the relentless spiritual annihilation of our onkwehonwe (original beings) brothers and sisters across our ancestral lands persists, as we tirelessly strive to safeguard our way of life and the ecosystems that sustain not only this planet but also extend beyond. We are an indivisible unit, akin to a single cell within our mothers being.

Onkwehonweneha, also known as the Original Instructions, revolves around the roles and responsibilities we bear towards the children we nurture, those yet to come and all of creation. We comprehend that our children are not possessions to be owned, nor are we superior to them. Instead, it is our duty to safeguard and nourish the empowerment they bring with them as they travel through the womb of our Mother Earth.

The agenda of the colonizers has coerced us into becoming "domestic dependents" of these foreign entities and governments that were never meant to coexist harmoniously with the natural world. They forcibly uprooted us from our natural habitats and compelled us to reside alongside industrialization. Over time, this has resulted in the loss of countless lives within our communities due to the pervasive pollution and illnesses inflicted upon us.

Onkwehonwe people are perpetually under duress, pressured to conform to a foreign world that is incongruous with our inherent nature. The severance of all Onkwehonwe individuals from our Mother Earth has the potential to bring about the destruction of the world as you see it today. This is the hidden agenda behind the actions of those who seek to control and subjugate us, disregarding the well-being of both our people and the natural world. The magnitude of the work being undertaken here transcends any individual, as each day unfolds with extraordinary occurrences that leave us in a perpetual state of awe and gratitude. This profound sense of gratitude is not limited to our personal experiences but extends to the upliftment of the individuals who have the opportunity to visit and reconnect, as well as to the planet as a whole. It is the stress and strain of existing within the confines of the corporate world that tends to dampen our vibrational frequency, as it remains a foreign entity to our inherent empowerment.

Grateful to have this place to transform that energy back into our natural state of being. To be back in our natural habitat, where we can effortlessly restore ourselves to our natural state of being, is an immeasurable forthcoming. Being back in our true habitat, shielded and secure, has the innate power to naturally rewire our nervous systems.

Witnessing the liberation of our children, finally unburdened and liberated, has profoundly transformed us as mothers and guardians of the land. Nurturing the growth of seeds and berries is tantamount to nurturing our own return to our original state of being. The love and energy we infuse into these lands are reciprocated, reflected to us in abundance within the confines of this farm. There are no words that can adequately express the depth of gratitude that permeates our being and extends to our children and future generations of our people.

The love and support provided by all of you have had an immeasurable impact, not only on our families but on all individuals who have embarked on the journey of returning to our grandmothers' homelands. To comprehend the significance of "rematriation," we invite you to reflect upon your own existence within the womb of your grandmother as she carried your mother who held the very seeds within her ovaries. Your grandmother served as the initial vessel that brought you forth. Rematriation is the embodiment of that love and gratitude, reflecting it back to our Mother Earth. She is our life-giver, the portal from which all of humanity emerged. By embracing these ancient ways of being, we forge a reconnection, allowing balance to be restored once more.

Niawenkó:wa Tanon Watkwanonhwerá:tons to each of you for believing in the work we are doing here in Skohare Valley. From the bottom of our core being, thank you for your support and empowerment to serve not only our people but our children in the way It was intended.

Gratitude Always.... Kawenniiosta

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