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Happy Lunar Eclipse!

She:kon from the ancestral lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka

The universe is gifting us a full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow, May 5th, which will close out this energy active eclipse season. Known as the flower moon, this full moon honors the gift of fertility. Creation is coming back to life as energies of fertility flow throughout our Mother Earth. Our Grandmother Moon is assisting us in celebrating all the cycles coming to a close by providing frequencies themed in self-reflection. The Waterfall family takes time to reflect, honor and release during such highly energetic times. We encourage you to join us by allowing your intuition to guide you and surrendering to what our Grandmother Moon has to teach us.

As many of you are aware, we have been calling out to volunteers to join us. The Waterfall family is new to stewarding a fruit farm. Therefore, any and all beings who wish to assist in this beautiful rematriated landback effort are more than welcome to stop by Iotsi’tsisons Forever Farm. At the moment, we are focusing on weeding the strawberries and our greenhouses. Volunteers are welcome on an ongoing basis, 8am-sunset any day of the week. We just ask that you fill out our google form prior to your arrival. We are so grateful for each and every one of you and look forward to seeing your beautiful faces at the farm!

Additionally, if you feel called to assist in the rematriated movement happening in Skóhare, but have skills to offer outside of farm work, we encourage you to send us an email! Let us know how you’d like to support and we’d be happy to connect with you.

This week, we’d like to welcome all the new that is coming our way. As we reach the closure of eclipse season, we continue to plant seeds physically, spiritually and energetically, in flow with universal energies of gratitude. There is much excitement in the air as the Onkwehonwe women continue to devote to healing, honoring their wisdom attained and yet to learn along their paths.

All the women on the WaterfallUnityAlliance team have been brought together for this spectacular moment in time. As the rematriation of Kanien’kehá:ka ancestral homelands continues to evolve, it is integral that we keep the momentum. The movement we are being called to maintain is not physical, it is energetic. As we continue to rematriate the land, we rematriate ourselves. The work that we do is to ensure that seven generations reaching backward and forward have a safe space to simply be. It is to ensure that our people can return to our original instructions.

To all the Onkwehonwe yet to come: we look forward to seeing you here and joining in the remariation and manifestation process.

We hope this week's newsletter inspired you today. As always, the WaterfallUnityAlliance says nia:wen to you for your support. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Instagram, website and Tiktok located below.

Oneh (Until we meet again)

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