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The Longhouse - A Symbol of Peace

Kanerahtiio Roger Jock, a Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) leader from the Akwesasne Reserve, carries a vision of return for his people to their ancestral lands in the Mohawk Valley of Central New York.

Kanerahtiio has taught cultural awareness all over the U.S. for over 40 years as part of the White Roots of Peace Movement. He worked as an ironworker and foreman for several decades and is a leader in land and sovereign rights in the Akwesasne region. Kanerahtiio is dedicated to doing everything possible to stop the destruction of Mother Earth and re-activate the original instructions of Peace, Power, and Righteousness.

He is the Elder Advisor of the Waterfall Unity Alliance, an organization whose mission is to protect the Schoharie Valley and all Earth, build alliances across movements and cultures, and work collaboratively to create solutions to the existential challenges of our time.

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