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We Did It!

We did it! On Nov 17th, we closed on the berry farm!!!!! Thank you so much to EVERYONE to helped make this dream a reality. We are so humbled and giving thanks during this time for each and every one of you. Niawen, from the bottom of our hearts. Our board president, Kawenniiosta Jock, signed the papers on behalf of the Waterfall Unity Alliance. Here's a video of the actual moment of signing. It has begun! We are doing some work on the longhouse right now, and this winter we will renovate the farmhouse and prepare for a language immersion program next summer. There will still be pick-your-own berries, a revamped farmstand, and many opportunities to come and be a part of this healing process. We will keep the gofundme open for those of you who would like to continue to support the return of the Kanien’kehá:ka to the Mohawk Valley. There is still much to do, but it is happening!!!! This is truly a collective effort of healing here at the Eastern Door. Let love triumph! Let us walk the path of peace and healing together! In unity, with hope, and with love.

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