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Wishing You An Abundant Super Blue Moon

She:kon from the ancestral homelands of the Kanien'kehá:ka

The Waterfall Unity Alliance would like to wish you all an abundant Super Blue Moon. Our grandmother moon is providing us the rare opportunity to look deeper into introspection and expansion. She is guiding us to make shifts and changes within ourselves to align with our highest timelines. The Universe is communicating to us the significance of choosing inner work through the potency of 6 planetary retrogrades. The Waterfall Unity Alliance would like to take this highly energetic moment to begin a shift in our moon phase newsletters.

This Super Blue Moon, we’d like to acknowledge and welcome the new members of our team. Kanien’kehá:ka Mother, Jackie Hall (Wolf Clan), Kanien’kehá:ka Mother, Chrissy Jacobs (Bear Clan) and Ukrainian ally, Sarah Bachinger have been and will continue to contribute their skills to the continued growth of our vision.

The talents and beings who are joining our team are answering the call for what the land and this rematriation process needs. Moving into the month of September, we will be spotlighting our team members via social media, incoming newsletters, and website. Stay tuned to learn more about the amazing beings who are co-creating the rematriation and selfback journey of Onkwehonwe here in Skóhare.

Always such a joy to get young visitors at Iotsi'tsison Forever Farm. Children have a beautiful way of activating the land through their flow and joy. Niawenko:wa (A big thank you) to all of the families who have visited the farm in our first berry season onsite.

As the fall equinox approaches, we are calling out for Kanien’kehá:ka language speakers, teachers, and childcare takers to come to the homelands to begin the process of language immersion at Iotsi’tsison Forever Farm. We have a curriculum and a farm full of teachings to dive into. Kawenniiosta and her children are in need of support as this Kanien'kehá:ka family approaches their first fall season living in their homelands. Kawenniiosta’s 4 youngest children have attended the Akwesasne Freedom School for the entirety of their educational journeys. These bright beings of light have the opportunity to embody the seeds of what our dream Kanien’kehá:ka language and culture immersion center can be. We need support in ensuring Kawenniiosta's children continue to carry the language.

Housing is included in this position and those who are chosen have the opportunity to select a tiny home to be placed on site at Iotsi’tsison Forever Farm. Any and all Kanien’kehá:ka who are open and interested in partaking in the opportunity to reconnect with the homelands and plant the seeds of land-based teachings for our children and future generations, contact us via email for more information. (Additional information will be sent out via social media shortly.) Anyone 18 years of age and older are welcome to reach out and connect with us.

We are excited to share with you the newest infrastructure addition at Iotsi’tsison Forever Farm! This 8’x10’ amish tiny home shed includes solar powered lights and a wood stove. This tiny home is grounding the energy of the next phase for Iotsi’tsison Forever Farm. As more mothers, families, and children are coming to return home, we look forward to providing the space and means necessary to facilitate the rematriation and reconnection process here in Skóhare, for all Onkwehonwe.

To close out this Blue Moon newsletter, we’d like to shed some light on Osohkwahawi, Kawenniiosta’s 11 year old daughter. Osohkwahawi “She brings the colors,” is a Kanien’kehá:ka, wolf clan visual artist. Osohkwahawi has been creating paintings from a very young age. Her creative career has taken off throughout her time living in her ancestral homelands. While living in Skóhare, she began creating a series of paintings including vivid scenic imagery of mountains, bodies of water, Grandmother Moon, sunsets, and more. The color palettes she uses reflect memories of the celestial stardust within our bloodlines.

Osohkwahawi was a vendor at the 2023 Waterfall Unity Festival and we look forward to supporting her work further by including her prints at the farm stand. It has been such a joy to witness and see how the land has communicated with our children as they reconnect themselves with their homelands. We are so proud of Osohkwahawi and her ever-evolving creative vision.

We hope this week's newsletter inspired you today. As always, the WaterfallUnityAlliance says nia:wen to you for your support. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Instagram, website and Tiktok located below.

Oneh (Until we meet again)

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