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Gratitude For All of Creation at the Great Corn Mountain

She:kon from the ancestral lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka

The WaterfallUnityAlliance has much to share with you this week! First, we’d like to share gratitude for all of our newsletter subscribers! Nia:wen for your commitment to staying in touch with us as we continue to walk along this path of manifesting our dreams. Spring has sprung and seeds continue to be planted across dimensions. There are so many exciting things ahead, so stay tuned to our incoming newsletters.

Volunteers are welcome on an ongoing basis! For those who want to help and support our vision, volunteering your time by assisting us at the farm is a beautiful option. Be sure to fill out the google form prior to your arrival and keep an eye out for more info regarding volunteers!

We are calling for a fruit farm manager. To learn more about the job position, visit the job tab on our website. All are welcome to apply! We strongly encourage all Onkwehonwe who are knowledgeable of fruit farming to apply, for you have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the rematriation of Onkwehonwe ancestral homelands. We look forward to hearing from you all! Nia:wen in advance for your interest.

This week, we’d like to share a beautiful experience in Skóhare. To celebrate and honor the full moon lunar eclipse last week, members of the waterfall family hiked the Great Corn Mountain, or Vroman’s Nose at sunrise. There is much beauty that creation gifts us in the precious moments leading up to and during sunrise.

The small moment in which our Grandmother Moon and the light of our Brother Sun begins to join us at dawn holds much medicine. Kawenniiosta along with her family continued to develop and deepen the roots of our vision by spreading gratitude for creation overlooking Iotsi'tsisons Forever Farm. To be present in this precious moment was a grand reminder of the energies and forces that continue to support all life.

The energies of the lunar eclipse have served as a guide for the work that we do. To close out this week’s newsletter, we’d like to share some updates regarding our board of directors. As of May 9th, the WaterfallUnityAlliance Board of Directors is currently composed of all women. We’d like to welcome Cathy Berry, a longtime friend and supporter offering loving guidance for the work that we do and Liv Watyana’li:yo Bigtree, our Communications Specialist and youth voice to the board! As we continue to make moves of decolonization, the labels and terminology may change in the future. Be sure to check our website for incoming updates.

We hope this week's newsletter inspired you today. As always, the WaterfallUnityAlliance says nia:wen to you for your support. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Instagram, website and Tiktok located below.

Oneh (Until we meet again)

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