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An Earth Day Message from Kanerahtiio Jock

"We look at the Earth as our mother. She doesn’t complain to us. She carries us every day. She continues to feed us and care for us the way our own flesh mother would. We should support her in all things and think of how we can make her better – think about how we can heal her from the wounds of capitalism, give her thanks and tell her how much we love her every day.

Now it is spring and already she has started to grow our greens. Our fresh plant life is coming up and she is renewing the cycle of life as she takes care of us. So, we should put a little bit of effort into helping her survival. Helping her today will help us tomorrow, in the future, and all the way down the road of the generations to come."

Niawen to everyone for supporting our GoFundMe and the construction of the Longhouse in Schoharie to spread the message of the Great Law of Peace. #EarthDay2021

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