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Happy Solar Eclipse From the Waterfall Unity Alliance

She:kon from the ancestral lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka

The WaterfallUnityAlliance would like to wish you a happy solar eclipse. Additionally, we are also experiencing the energy of a new moon. When the universe gifts us such powerful portals of energies, it is important that we allow our intuitions to guide us. The frequencies that we are all feeling and have the willpower to tap into are bringing great opportunities of new beginnings and transformation. The WaterfallUnityAlliance encourages you to join us in allowing the potent energies of our Brother Sun and Grandmother Moon to guide the creation of our manifestations.

Today, we have a very special statement to share with you…

Stay tuned to learn more about incoming opportunities to visit Katsi'tsièn:thas Forever Farm.

We are calling for a fruit farm manager. To learn more about the job position, visit the job tab on our website. All are welcome to apply! We strongly encourage all Onkwehonwe who are knowledgeable of fruit farming to apply, for you have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the rematriation of Onkwehonwe ancestral homelands. We look forward to hearing from you all! Nia:wen in advance for your interest.

We hope this week's newsletter inspired you today. As always, the WaterfallUnityAlliance says nia:wen to you for your support. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Instagram, website and Tiktok located below.

Oneh (Until we meet again)

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